Choosing a Countertop Material

Countertops play an essential role in any kitchen. They are the space where you’ll prepare food for different gatherings, or just ordinary dinner. There are many styles and materials that can be used to make the perfect counters to match your cabinets, backsplash, and wall color. When designing a kitchen, counters may be the most crucial piece that pulls the entire space together. Whether you are looking for ones that are functional, stylish, or on the less expensive side, there are options for any kitchen remodel.

Picking a Material

Many factors go into choosing a material for your new counters. Are you looking for a beautiful granite, or could you care less about the coloring and design showing? Would you instead go for a cleaner look with stainless steel? It all comes down to how you want them to look and how functional you want them to be in the end.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a surface that’s as easy to maintain as it is beautiful. Its reflective qualities make it a great choice for a small kitchen, reflecting both natural and artificial light and making a smaller space feel bigger. A stainless-steel surface can reflect the colors of the room, too. It can extend up the wall and act as a backsplash, and can even be used to cover an entire wall. This material gives a space a clean and elegant look while also being functional.


Concrete is another durable material that could be a perfect option for your countertop. Many different looks and styles are available to choose from, depending on the amount of aggregate and the color pigment added in. Once it is sealed, concrete provides the perfect work surface.


Zinc is another option for materials and looks similar to stainless steel but dents and stains more easily, unlike stainless steel. Zinc is favored by those who don’t care about the look of materials aged by everyday use.

Man-made Versions of Natural Materials

Man-made versions of natural materials are another countertop option, and they can end up having characteristics you won’t find in their natural state. As an example, synthetic slate is smooth, unlike natural slate, which has ridges. It’s also lightweight.

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