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2018 Bathroom Trends

There are quite a few trends that we have seen come to light so far in 2018. While it is only halfway through the year, we have seen some very specific items really starting to become more universally used and wanted for bathrooms. This includes some more muted items and some bolder items which we will talk about in more detail a bit later. Let’s take a look at some of the best bathroom trends so far this year.

Floating Vanities: These vanities look extra sleek, and add a bit more storage room or gorgeous empty space to your room.

Matte Black Fixtures: Matte black has been in fashion for a bit and seems to be here to stay. This is perfect for the faucet or the shower spout.

Bathtubs: Standalone bathtubs looks great in bigger bathrooms as they act as a centerpiece for the room and add a bit of luxury that may not have been there otherwise.

Wallpapers: Bold wallpapers look great in bathrooms. One trend we have been seeing is palms and green tones in bathrooms, as they add a bit of pop to your home. This being said, neutral tones are also in as shown below.

Concrete: Similar to the neutral tones, concrete is awesome for bathrooms as it stands up great to wear and adds an industrial look to the room.

Neutral Tones: Neutral colors are perfect for the bathroom because they complement additional colors well and can be very versatile.

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