2018 Kitchen Trends To Look Out For

This year has started out as the year for modernization, as well as details, but what specific details have been trending in 2018? Let’s take a look at some of these trends.

Bold Fixtures

Big, bold fixtures are the biggest trend in 2018. Bold fixtures do not necessarily mean bold colors, or crazy designs, but instead just a fixture with a little extra aesthetic to it. Whether that be additional sleekness or extra shine, bold can mean a whole lot of things.

Dark Flooring

Dark floors are seemingly one of the most popular trends of 2018 so far. Providing a beautiful contrast to the lighter white and beige kitchens (which are also very much in style), adding a dark floor can really add a pop to your kitchen that was not there before. No matter what flooring material is used, having a dark floor has a lot of benefits, such as looking more aesthetically pleasing and less messy/dusty.

Accents of Copper

Copper accents are a huge trend, as they are a highlight in any kitchen. They match with almost any kind of kitchen, from a modernized kitchen to a country-style kitchen.

Subtle Touches

Your kitchen is a very important room because it is in the heart of the house. By adding a few subtle touches, like pops of color, or pictures, or pillows, etc., you can create a comforting atmosphere that is perfect for any home. Since it’s the heart of the house, it is important that it feels as warm and inviting as other rooms.

Modern Technology in the Kitchen

The addition of modern kitchen technology can make a difference in a kitchen because of the futuristic aspect of it.

Gray Palettes

The color gray has been very much “in” this year. With different shades of gray, they are the perfect neutral palette for any home.

Kitchen Storage

Organizing and making extra space can really make a huge difference, especially for families. Having some extra storage is very useful, and practical alongside being helpful to everyday life.

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