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5 Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

A full-on kitchen remodel can be very expensive, and really push your budget to the limit, if not exceeding the number you had decided on. In order to avoid this, you can either wait and save your money for this complete overhaul, or re-do the area piece by piece. On a similar note, sometimes these two options are not enough. Sometimes you want to upgrade your kitchen, and do so inexpensively, so here are some tips and tricks on how to accomplish that.

  1. Get new handles and pulls (hardware): getting new handles and pulls for cabinets and drawers can really change the atmosphere in your kitchen. You can go the classic route, and just get a shiny, round type of pull, or you can get little shapes, in the form of anything you could imagine. This new factor can really help to take your kitchen over the top, and allow you to push off that renovation a few years longer.
  2. Add an Accent Wall: Another option that can really take an outdated kitchen over the top is adding an accent wall. One place you could put this is the area behind the stove, as adding some nice tiling or mosaic work really makes a difference. On top of this, you could simply paint one wall differently from the rest and allow it to pop.
  3. Light and Bright: Natural light can make a world of difference. Painting the room a lighter color can help to bring out the natural lighting and make the room seem larger than it did before. A nice yellow, or pale and pastel colors work just as well as a white or light grey.
  4. Replace Sink Faucets: While it can be expensive to replace an entire sink, switching out the faucet can be a nice way to highlight that area. This goes hand in hand with our next tip.
  5. Replace Appliances One at a Time: It can be expensive to switch out all of the appliances at once, but what can be beneficial is saving up and switching them out one by one. This can help to lift the look of the room slowly and over time.

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