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5 Ways to Add a Beachy Touch to Your Kitchen

Summer is here, and if you are like a lot of people, it’s your favorite season! With many homeowners looking to add some summer flair to their homes, a kitchen is a popular place to do so. A coastal or beachy kitchen will make you feel like you’re on vacation year-round. If you aren’t looking to make the entire space this theme, incorporating certain elements can still bring it that feeling when you want it. These elements are very versatile and can have you transform your kitchen into a beachy oasis in the snap of a finger!

Choosing Certain Colors

One of the most significant elements of a coastal, beachy kitchen is the choice of colors. Blue hues with touches of white are amongst the most popular options. Whether you want to do blue cabinets and white walls or vice versa, this will automatically bring it the feel you’re going for. Muted greens and grey or yellow can also bring in the beach elements without being too standard. It’s all about what you want and what goes with your existing kitchen if you are not redesigning the entire space.

Backsplash Options

A colorful beachy tile backsplash can pull together a theme of a kitchen. Using glass tiles can create that “beach glass” look while still being versatile. Choose from greens and blues that are light and airy. 

Colored Appliances

You don’t see many colored appliances these days, but adding them to your kitchen creates a pop of color and unique touch. Look for teal accents in an oven or stovetop, but if you’re feeling bold, go straight for a colored refrigerator. Whatever you consider beachy is the right option for your space.

Wood Elements

Wood elements can tie together the look of a beach cottage kitchen. Adding pieces of wood furniture, whether it’s barstools at your island or a wooden breakfast table, these pieces scream beach! Whether you want to opt for unfinished wood or whitewashed pieces, add something made of wood to your kitchen space. Place blue or teal cushions on your wooden chairs to give them a pop of color.


Crisp whites in your kitchen are not only just for a beachy feel. When you are at the beach, the color white seems calming and pure. If you are looking for versatile pieces, white elements are the way to go. White cabinets, walls, and ceilings can be nautical in themselves, especially when pairing them with blue accents. 

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