Drawers that are being used in a kitchen for additional storage for food and dishware

8 Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas for Your Next Remodel

Even in the largest of kitchens, it can feel like there is constantly never enough storage space. Although decorative baskets and bins offer a solution, these too can begin to accumulate over time and add to the clutter. In many households, the kitchen is the center of the home where families can connect and spend quality time in a common space. By deciding to remodel your kitchen, you are given the opportunity to incorporate functional storage space into the overall design of the room and be able to meet the needs of your lifestyle. If you are looking for unique storage solutions and designs for your upcoming kitchen remodel, read on for  top 10 trending ideas.

Finding a Balance Between Form & Function

As exciting as it can be to perform a full kitchen remodel, it is important to remember to find a balance between form and function. Your kitchen is the hub of your home and is much more than just a place to cook food. In many households, the kitchen becomes the place for families to connect and it is important to match the design of your kitchen to your daily life. One of the most common challenges people face is running out of storage space. The best solution is to incorporate organizational structures that fit into the aesthetic of your new kitchen. If you are unsure how to best incorporate functional features into your kitchen remodel, it is always a good idea to consult a professional. At the Kitchen Center of Framingham, we offer expert services from design to construction that are customized to the individual needs of each client. For more information about our process, visit our website or fill out our contact form.

1. Utilize Multi-Functional Furniture

Filling your kitchen with multi-functional furniture is a simple and effective way to increase the amount of available storage space. By definition, multi-functional furniture are pieces that have the appearance of one item, but offer a variety of functions. Stools, ottomans, and benches are popular examples, as they can come in multi-purpose styles that offer storage under removable upholstery. Getting creative and finding unique, new purposes for common homegoods is key to finding multi-functional decor. By utilizing versatile pieces, you can organize your belongings without having to take up any extra space.

2. Incorporate Your Backsplash Into Creative Wall Storage

As well as creating a focal point for your kitchen, decorative backsplashes can also serve as an efficient storage solution. Usually found in the wall space between the stove and upper cabinets, a backsplash can be constructed to accommodate for installing shelves and hanging decor. To avoid any damage, there are many adhesives that are specially designed to safely hang kitchenware or mount shelves onto the wall. For those with creative minds, you can also incorporate the storage into the pattern of the backsplash for a natural, cohesive look.

3. Hide Your Appliances

Although they are essential for running your kitchen, appliances can create bulky obstacles and take up valuable counter and storage space. As technology continues to improve, many homeowners are looking to install a variety of upgrades that seamlessly blend appliances and machines within the kitchen structure. In modern homes, refrigerators can be created using the same material as the cabinetry for a blended effect, or hidden within modified pull-out drawers. For smaller appliances, such as coffee-makers or toaster ovens, drawers can also be customized to include sufficient, accessible storage for when these items are not in use.

4. Make Use of Vertical Space

If you can’t go out, go up! By properly taking advantage of vertical space, you can dramatically increase the amount of available storage in your kitchen. Hangers, hooks, and shelves are a great solution for organizing items that are larger or more difficult to store. Pots and pans that take up ample drawer space can be easily put away by being placed on display using decorative hooks. Shelves and built-in units can be designed to match the theme of your remodel to assist with the aesthetic appeal as well as creating a storage solution. For hard to reach places, such as the tops of cabinets, vintage and decorative ladders can add an extra design element and allow for increased access to storage space.

5. Match Your Kitchen to Your Individual Needs

When planning a remodel, the most important factor to keep in mind is to match the design of your new kitchen to your lifestyle. Beyond the idea of creating more storage space, you must also consider what exactly you need the storage for and how you plan to use it in the long run. The best method to create a functional kitchen space for your home is based on several personal factors, such as budget, the size and amount of personal belongings, and frequency of lifestyle changes. If you are a person who is constantly moving or replacing their personal items, it is best to avoid more permanent structures. At the Kitchen Center of Framingham, we offer artistically-crafted custom cabinetry to fit the individual needs of your home. Visit our website to receive more information about our custom cabinetry services.

6. Add Extra Counter & Storage Space with an Island

For those looking to increase both their available counter and storage space, installing an island or center console is a great option. Based on the theme and individual needs of your kitchen, islands can be customized by material and can include any necessary appliances, utilities, or storage. In addition to the counter space created, by building in additional drawers, cabinets, hooks, and shelves, you can ensure all of your belongings have a place to be tucked away.

7. Create an Organization System for Spices

Common culprits of creating clutter in kitchens are spice containers. These plastic tubes are often bulky and can take up an unnecessary amount of space. It has recently become popular to replace the original packaging with more efficient storage containers, such as labeled, appropriately-sized glass jars. Even though this gets rid of the unsightliness, you are still left with spice jars to store. If you build any narrow drawers, these are a simple solution to accommodate for these containers. Depending on the drawer shape and location, you can utilize a pull-out rack or lay them flat for efficient organization. If you do not have available space for a spice drawer, you can also create this feature using counter space or an additional shelf.

8. Put Dishware on Display

Similar to spices, dishware can be difficult to effectively store and often end up piling up in cabinets. To also be used as an additional design feature, plates, bowls, and serving utensils can be stored using a bookcase or series of floating shelves. This can also add a personal touch to your kitchen and gives you the chance to display your most eye-catching pieces. By removing your dishware from drawers and cabinets, you can clear up essential space that might be needed for food or other kitchen items.

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By incorporating storage solutions into the blueprint of your kitchen, you can best optimize your space and fit it best to your family’s lifestyle. Through simple design hacks and ideas, you can find a way to fit all of your belongings without feeling overwhelmed or cluttered. By following these tips, you can get the best use out of your kitchen space without compromising on its design. If you are struggling with maximizing your space and want more information about performing a remodel, call the Kitchen Center in Framingham, MA for professional start to finish services. For more information, give us a call at (508) 875-4004, or make an appointment to visit our showroom.

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