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A Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Kitchen Island

When designing your dream kitchen, kitchen islands can provide many benefits practically and stylistically. In recent home design trends, most kitchen designs come with an island. Kitchen islands provide storage space, more room for meal prep, and even a place to eat. In many cases, kitchen islands have replaced the need for a kitchen table in homes. Aside from their functional versatility they also can be very expressive in the style of your kitchen. However for many homeowners, the harder decision isn’t whether they should add a kitchen island, but what the design of their island should be. When designed well, a kitchen island maximizes efficiency for cooking and acts as a focal point for your kitchen’s aesthetic design. To find the perfect kitchen island for your home, there are a few factors to consider first.

Size and Shape

Kitchen islands can provide a great deal of convenience to a chef, from adding storage space to having more room to prep meals on. However, if an island is too large, too small, or even the wrong shape, the island can become more of an obstacle than a help. Obviously, each kitchen and each chef is different and because of this there is no standard rule for island shape or size, but there are a few things to consider. Creating an island that is too large can slow down the workflow of your kitchen whereas creating an island that is too small might make it unusable. One solution to this is to install an L-shaped or a U-shaped island instead of the traditional galley style. For some cooks, having an irregular shaped island can promote efficiency while not sacrificing size.


Another important factor for a kitchen island design is to consider the purpose of the island. An island can be more than just a table and to get the best use out of the new feature you should consider certain utilities. However, some utilities cannot be paired together so preference, as well as kitchen needs, are key. For instance, mobile islands incorporate wheels for easier storage, other islands can have internal plumbing and electrical wiring that allows for the addition of appliances like a sink or microwave. Understanding your kitchen’s needs as well as what you want your island’s primary functions to be is vital to choosing the right island design.


Of course, aside from the efficiency your island provides, it is also important to like the way it fits in your kitchen’s design. There are a few stylistic design choices to make. Islands can feature many different materials from wood to granite. The shape can also play a role in the aesthetic charm of your island. More traditional kitchens could pair wood with the traditional gallery style island, whereas a more postmodern design could incorporate a curved design with marble tops.  

When it comes to designing your island there are many factors to consider. Having help from a professional kitchen designer, like magnificent kitchens, can make sure you are confident in the decisions you make and you love your new kitchen island. Our experience matters, we can work with your vision and your needs to create an island that becomes an amazing feature of your kitchen. To get started or for a free quote, call us at 508-875-4004 or contact us on our website 

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