Advantages of Hardwood Floors in Kitchens

Hardwood floors are all the rage as of late. From the aesthetic to the low maintenance of the wood itself, this seems to be a great option, especially for people with homes in colder climate areas. Why should you consider hardwood floors for your kitchen? Let’s take a look.


Did you know that hardwood can actually be warmer than tile? This is because tile draws heat away, meaning that when you step into your kitchen, you will be shocked by the coldness of the tile. Wood just stays a consistent temperature. With this being said, you can even add radiant heating underneath the wood, which works to heat the floors, meaning you’ll be excited to take that first step out of bed and into the kitchen in the mornings.


The cost of hardwood floors in a home can be expensive, but surprisingly tile can actually cost more, especially for homes in a colder climate, due to the labor costs that go along. This being said, the hardwood could potentially cost more if you wanted to get the radiant heating as mentioned above.


Hardwood floors are completely in style and can work to make your home look larger than ever before. This is due to the cohesiveness of the floors, which move from room to room fluidly, opening up space.

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