Kitchen Center will work on the design & layout of your space and provide the custom cabinetry, our General Contractor will work on the detailed scope, schedule and supervision of your project. Throughout this process there will be communication between you, the Designer and our General Contractor to ensure that the details of your project are thought out, designed to your lifestyle and the process is seamless. With this team you get “Experience that Matters” from professionals who know and understand your project. We have constant communication across all team members from start to finish.

Providing you with a team of professionals for your Kitchen or Bath project.

We offer a process that is- simple, stress-free, and enjoyable. Our initial consultation can begin one of two ways; either here in our showroom or in your home. There is no charge for us to meet here in our showroom and while you’re here, we will gather information to get your project underway. This will give you a chance to meet us, learn more about our services, and understand how we can assist you. Our showroom is open for you to come in and browse, but if you would like to meet with one of our designers- we recommend contacting us for appt. so we can dedicate time with you. If you would like us to visit your home and provide an in-home consultation, we can do that too. We can provide a home design consult where one of our designers will take measurements, discuss your project with you, and review your design options. Every project is unique-and we try and cater to each of our clients and create a method that works best for their needs and budget. You can contact one of our designers who can review your project with you, and the best way for us to proceed.

Once we have a direction and preliminary plan, we will be able to provide you with an estimate based on your personal project scope. We work together until we’ve reached a layout you’re happy with, and upon agreement, we will proceed with a final plans and elevations. These plans will be used to detail specifications for ordering cabinetry and specifying materials/finishes. The final layout also serves as the foundation for all mechanical/construction drawings needed to secure remodeling procedure.

About the Kitchen Center

The Kitchen Center of Framingham has been designing, installing and supplying custom cabinets and countertops for bathrooms and kitchens since 1967. We can make your kitchen and bathroom dream a reality, all within your budget.

We largely work in the Greater Boston area, as we are mainly located in the Framingham area. Our experience includes kitchen and bathroom remodels in thousands of homes.

What We Provide You With

  • Collaborative Team
  • Licensed Construction Supervisor
  • Registered Home Improvement Contractor
  • Industry Certified Designer
  • Custom Designed Project & Products for your space
  • Turn Key Project
  • Design Build App Program
  • Monitor your project
  • Constant communication with your Design Build Team  & Viewable timeline
  • “Experience Matters” Since 1967
  • Weekly Meetings, Site Safety and Care of your 


Kitchen Center

  • Design & Evaluate Project Scope:  Review the general scope of your project to determine the guidelines for the design. What are your needs and wants for your project?
  • Site Measure and Gather Required Information for Design Options and Drawings.
  • Present Design Plans/Perspectives During the Design Process.
  • Provide Cabinetry Quotes Throughout Design Revisions.
  • Detail the Design Based on Appliance & Fixture Selections.
  • Review & Communicate Project Design with General Contractor.
  • Participate in Weekly Project Meetings.
  • Provide Project Package: Set of Drawings about Cabinetry Installation.

General Contractor

  • Site Visit to Evaluate & Gather Required Information: based on the project scope provided you and your designers.
  • Present Preliminary Estimates Based on the Current Project Scope.
  • Visit your Home with Trades: Determine accurate estimates based on final design.
  • Schedule Project Based on Cabinetry Lead Time.
  • Project Supervision.
  • Conduct Weekly Project Meetings.
  • Schedule and Coordinate Installation of Products.

Our Process

Our staff takes the time to fully understand what our customers want to accomplish, whether the project involves a complete remodel or merely replacing the existing cabinets and/or countertops.

Once the design is finished, project drawings will be finalized and prepped for the contractor and for cabinetry order. The Kitchen Center will pass on refined drawings to the General Contractor after placing the cabinetry order.

After the design is finalized, we are ready to build and work closely with the contractor in order to ensure all permits and preparations are completed before building. During our process, we have weekly meetings with clients to ensure the project timing is going as planned and everything is on track for completion in the time allotted. 

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