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Differences between Granite & Solid Surface Countertops

Granite and Solid Surface countertops are two very common choices for people who are looking to give their kitchen a fresh and modern look. While they can look very similar from a distance, there are many differences between them including price, installation and value.

Price Difference between Granite and Solid Surface

The major benefit of solid surface countertops, often sold under the names of Formica or Silestone is the lower price than a material like granite or quartz, which can cost upwards of $100 per square foot. For many, it’s simply not worth the investment in these high quality raw materials, but they still want something more robust than laminate.

Granite & Solid Surface Installation Difference 

When it comes to price, material isn’t the only cost that needs to be considered. Because solid surface is much lighter and easier to work with and cut, those who are more capable when it comes to home improvement might be able to do an installation all on their own after proper research. But if you think you might be able to install your own granite countertops, please don’t. Between the time, materials, equipment and space you would need, you’re less likely to save money than you are to dig yourself into a hole. 

Difference in Durability Between Countertop Materials

When it comes to durability, granite has known to be the best option for quite some time. Once it’s finished it can easily withstand nearly any level of heat or pressure, and won’t scratch or scuff from knives or other kitchenware. Unfortunately the same can not be said for solid surface, which is vulnerable to cuts, scrapes higher heats and other damage.

Maintenance Difference Between Granite & Solid Surface

Because of granite’s durability, it requires little to no maintenance, and is also one of the easiest surfaces to clean. However, owners often choose to refinish their solid surface countertop every so often. This can be seen as a positive or a negative because although it is relatively easy to do on your own, it can be a bit of a hassle and can cost you your time.

Value of Granite vs Solid Surface Countertops

There’s no question that granite countertops are more expensive upfront, but considering that you won’t have to worry about maintenance, and the value it adds to your home if you’re considering renting or selling, in many cases it’s a worthwhile investment. Granite countertops are something you can enjoy right now, and enjoy the savings for many years to come. For those that choose solid surface, you can save money but it’s possible that you’ll be looking into getting them refinished or even replaced after a few years.

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