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How Can I Add More Storage to a Small Bathroom?

A small bathroom can be a deal breaker for many people, but there are many ways of adding more storage that can fill all your needs. From well-strategized shelves to making use of areas that you would not have thought of, you can fit all your personal items in your small bathroom without a problem.

Use the Back of your Door

The back of the door may seem like an odd place for shelving and cabinets and this would not be ideal. What you can do, however, is add a few bars to hold towels or add an over the door hanger for towels and bathrobes. This reduces the amount of space taken up by towels on bathroom countertops, shelving, etc.

Stack Shelves

Most households have shelves, but the ones that want to use as much room as possible stack these shelves on top of each other to allow for more shelving space. This is a small, inexpensive bathroom upgrade, which adds an increased surface area.

Custom Shelving Units

Custom shelving units can add a bit of flair to any bathroom. These units can give you exactly what you want regarding shelving and can fit your bathroom perfectly. While maintaining elegance, they are perfect for modern or rustic bathroom storage.

Wall Cabinets

Many people typically hide some cabinets shelves behind their vanity mirror above the sink, but adding wall cabinets to other parts of the room can as easily hide your personal items. Different shapes and sizes are available for these cabinets and can flow well with the ambiance of the room.

Utilize Area Above Toilet

Many homes have lots of empty space above the toilet, as they believe that they can not utilize this area, but that is simply not true. By adding shelving or a cabinet area, you can make the most of this wall space.


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