Creating a more eco friendly kitchen using sustainable practices and materials

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Kitchen to Improve Your Home’s Sustainability

When thinking of ways to go green in the kitchen, there are more ways than just cooking healthier meals. To save energy costs and reduce their environmental impact, more homeowners now than ever are looking for environmentally responsible features for their kitchen remodel. From installing energy efficient appliances, to replacing old windows with more insulated options, there are many simple steps you can take to increase the sustainability of your kitchen and your home. Read on to learn more about different eco-friendly practices you can incorporate into your kitchen remodel and how they can help you protect the environment and save on utility bills.

Benefits of Creating an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

If you are looking to save on your energy bills or leave a more positive impact on the environment, there are many eco-friendly components you can include in your kitchen remodel. By upgrading to more efficient appliances, building materials, and hardware, you can decrease your overall energy output. This will have a noticeable effect on your utility bills, as you will be able to use less power, water, and gas throughout the month. Reducing the amount of resources used can also be helpful for the environment. You may think that you are only making a small impact, but through continuous and increased use over time, sustainability can lead to a cleaner environment.

Choose Sustainable Materials & Resources

With an increasing demand for eco-friendly products and practices, there is an increasing availability of eco-friendly materials. By definition, sustainable resources are those that can be collected, sold, and purchased without disrupting the environment in any way. On the market, there are now more environmentally responsible options for paint, countertops, flooring, cabinetry, and more. The best way to ensure that you are utilizing sustainable and efficient materials is to perform extensive research or consult a professional. At the Kitchen Center of Framingham, we use only the top quality of materials to build your dream kitchen. Visit our website to receive more information about advanced craftsmanship and sustainability.

Reduce Water Usage with Automatic Faucets

To help reduce water consumption, there are styles of sink faucets available that include automatic and programmable shutoff features. Some models are equipped with motion sensors to detect when an object or hand is being placed underneath the faucet. Once it senses that the object is removed, the water is automatically shut off with no need for any knob. It is also common to find styles that use a ‘tap-on-tap-off’ feature. This is helpful for those who struggle with turning off the water in time due to obstruction or dirty hands.

Install Energy Efficient Appliances

Choosing more energy efficient models of refrigerators or microwaves can help decrease the amount of electricity used to power your kitchen. You can also decrease your water usage by opting for more eco-friendly dishwashers. Finding the most energy efficient options for your home can be as simple as finding appliances that’s size and function best fit your lifestyle. Downsizing an appliance to better fit your lifestyle can also be an example of making a sustainable purchase. If you are someone who does not cook often, it would be a smart idea to purchase a smaller fridge and oven.

Upgrade to Thermally Insulated Windows

Properly heating and cooling your home can be a challenging task, especially in extreme weather conditions. If your kitchen is not efficiently insulated, you could be wasting energy and the money used to source it. Especially during the summer and winter, drafts from damaged window sills can be the main culprit for improper temperature regulation. Swapping out older windows for more energy efficient options is a simple way to cut down on the amount of heat or air conditioning needed to insulate your home.

Contact Us to Start Building Your Greener Kitchen in Framingham, MA

By incorporating eco-friendly features and appliances into your kitchen remodel, you can decrease the overall energy consumption of your home. Not only will this help you save on your monthly utility bill, but you will also be helping the environment in the process.The design experts at the Kitchen Center of Framingham will work with you to create a customized plan that best optimizes the sustainability of your kitchen. Visit our website for a full list of our professional remodeling services, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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