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How To Choose The Hardware For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling your kitchen is all about creating a space you are proud of and excited to cook in. Like the rest of your home, every detail from largest to smallest should be considered when designing your kitchen. Choosing kitchen hardware like hinges and handles. Here are a few factors to consider to make sure you pick the best hardware for your kitchen.

Pulls or Knobs

Before choosing finishes and other color choices it is important to consider handle style. Knobs and pull handles should be used in different situations. Some homeowners choose to make a completely uniform decision when it comes to handles. Other homeowners choose to have pull handles on some cabinets and pull handles on others. Although it is more traditional to only use one type of handle, designers looking for a more unique design use a hybrid method. A good rule of thumb for choosing handles is to assess the cabinet’s design. More ornate cabinets should use knob handles because they take up less space and don’t distract from the design. Plain cabinets can benefit from pull handles with a unique and interesting design.

Finish and Color

After choosing your handles, the next important decision is which finish works best. From brass and copper to gunmetal and bronze there are a lot of options. Traditionally, having a cohesive theme is the key to designing a kitchen area. However, mixing different finishes together has become more popular for interior designers. It may be necessary to shop from multiple stores to get all of the hardware you will need to complete your kitchen. In these cases, it is not always possible to have all of your hardware match. This is partially why mismatching hardware has become more popular. When choosing hardware, be aware of the color of your cabinets as well as your appliances. Though these do not all need to match, it is important to choose hardware that complements your kitchen.

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