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How To Get More Storage Space In A Kitchen

Storage space in your kitchen, no matter the size, always tends to be a problem. There is the never-ending list of kitchen appliances you use once a year but can’t seem to get rid of them. And then when you are cooking, get a new appliance, or get more pots/pans – where do you put it all? We’ve come up with how you can get more storage space in your kitchen.

Ways to get more kitchen storage

1. Use the sides of your cabinets. This will give you space to hang utensils, with just some hooks and bars you can hang pots/pans or knives. This is also a great place to hang aprons or hang a hand towel.

2.  Use the space above your counters. Most people will leave these empty or occasionally you will see them decorated if you aren’t the decorating type and need more storage – this is a great place to get some bins and fill them up and no one will know the difference. This is also a great way not to have your kitchen look cluttered or junky.

3. Put the space above your fridge to good use. You can add cabinets which will create more space or design something you have a lot of a place to go, like cookbooks, or old family recipes.

4. Make single shelves into double shelves by adding a metal wire shelf riser. This is great so if you are stacking things on top of each other to get something at the bottom you don’t need to take everything out of the cabinet. This is also great when you have mismatched items that can’t be stacked easily onto each other.

5. Hang everything you can on your walls. Not just pictures, and wall art. This means, if you have a lot of spices, add a spice shelf to your wall, this will not only save room but you are also able to use find the spice you are looking at easier.

6. Another common wasted space that isn’t utilized is above the stove. This is a great place to add another bar to hang or a shelf to place kitchen items.

Using every part of your kitchen will not only help organize it, but it will also help you create more functional storage space. Smaller items can be placed on a spice rack, vs. using a cabinet for them. Being creative helps you think of new ways to get more space.

If you are in a small kitchen and don’t know how to get more space, contact us today online or by giving us a call at 508-875-4004 and we are happy to help you design a kitchen that is functional for you! Kitchens should not only have a great design visually but also functional. Don’t get frustrated by your kitchen any longer.

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