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How to Maintain Kitchen Cabinets

Many people think that once kitchen cabinets are installed, that there is no maintenance involved therefore after. This, however, is a misconception. While there is minimal maintenance to be done after, there are a few things you can do every other week or so in order to keep your kitchen cabinets looking almost brand new. Let’s take a look at some of the simple steps you can take to achieve this.

Make a Cleaning Solution

When it comes to making a cleaning solution, you have two options. The obvious being mixing some slightly warm water with dish soap. This will create a solution that is not only antibacterial, but a solution that will not harm your cabinets. A dish soap is typically mild enough to clean the surface, while not destroying any finishes on cabinetry. Another method that could be utilized is a solution made of water and white vinegar. This solution is very similar in its properties and similarly to the alternative, you can control, very easily, the ratio of cleaning agent to water. This is extremely helpful, because you can either make a low-concentrated solution for a light cleaning, or a highly-concentrated solution for a deep clean.

Clean Interior

Cleaning the interior of a cabinet first will allow for no crumbs/mess to attach on to a wet exterior of a cabinet. This part of the cabinet needs to be emptied and then cleaned of debris. One way to do this is by vacuuming the interior. If this is not possible, using a towel or paper towel will most likely work just as well. An important step to remember when cleaning the interior is that there should be no puddles of solutions, as this can cause bacteria growth and mold. If there is excess dirt, then it is entirely possible to use baking soda as an additional cleaning agent.

Clean Exterior

Similar to cleaning the interior, dusting the outside is an essential aspect of getting the perfect shine on your cabinets. Alongside this, you also do not want to oversaturate the cabinets by using a rag or sponge that is too wet. Making sure to wring these items out before wiping the surface with them is crucial to this step.


The last and final step is to polish the exterior of the cabinet. While you must wait until the cabinets are fully dried, this is an important step in order to give your cabinets the shine that they deserve. There are many different kinds of oils, waxes and aerosols that can be used for this step.

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