How to Make Breakfast Bars and Islands Work in a Small Kitchen

Having space to prepare and serve food is an important part of any kitchen. Sometimes, your kitchen isn’t the largest room in your home. It can be challenging to find the space for adding an island or breakfast bar to the room. Just because your kitchen is on the smaller side doesn’t mean you don’t deserve added amenities! Here are some ways to incorporate islands and breakfast bars into smaller kitchens:

Create a Corner

If you have an open-concept kitchen that turns into a living room and dining room, creating a “kitchen” out of adding corner counter space can give you a makeshift island or breakfast bar. Having this added into your space will give the illusion of having a more closed-off kitchen while also give you a place to sit, eat, or prepare meals.

Add a Small Table

Adding a wall-fixed table is a great way to add more seating and prep space. If you don’t want to have it get in the way all the time, opt for a free-standing table that you can move around or fold up. This is perfect if you have guests who need a place to sit while you are cooking dinner or preparing appetizers. 

Extending Your Countertops

If your cabinets jut out to the side, this is a perfect opportunity to create a floating ledge that acts as a makeshift island. This way, there aren’t any legs or base underneath the top. You can push stools underneath to get them out of the way. Opt for using a material that looks like your counters for a more cohesive look.

A Rolling Kitchen Island

If you have some wall space but want an island closer to where you prepare food, try out a rolling island. This is an island that can be moved around your space. Keep it against the wall when you aren’t using it. This makes for added flexibility. You can also use it for seating if you have any stools. Typically, there is storage underneath these islands, which makes them even handier! 

Have Kitchen Designers Take a Look

If you’re unsure of where to incorporate an island space or breakfast bar, turn to the professionals at KCOF. We can work with you to decide on the best solutions for your specific kitchen. We take pride in providing the best kitchen design advice and giving you a design that matches your style.

Contact Kitchen Center of Framingham

The kitchen design professionals at KCOF are here and ready to give you added kitchen elements despite the size of your space. We want your kitchen to be one of your favorite rooms in your home! Contact us to get started!  Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get in touch.

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