How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Functional

Cabinets can be a lot of money to replace, especially custom cabinets. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen without going over budget, making small changes can still leave you with a brand new space. Looking at inspiration for new cabinets can leave you feeling like you need to spend a lot to upgrade them. Cabinets can be painted, and elements can be added to them to make them seem brand new! Here are some ways to make your cabinets more functional:

Pan Storage

Storing baking sheets and other thinner pans vertically can save you space and allow for them to stay in good shape. Many people stack pans, but that can sometimes lead to scratches and other avoidable marks. Taking some wood and sectioning it off in a cabinet vertically can help you properly store your pans. They’ll be easier to quickly grab from your cabinets rather than having to unstack them. 

Pull-Out Trash Can

Finding a spot in your kitchen to place a trash bin can be a hassle. You don’t want it too far out of the way, but you also don’t want it getting in the way. The perfect solution is to store it in a cabinet! Having it on a pull-out slide is easy to install and can save you space in your kitchen. Having trash stored away can help with smells, especially if you don’t have a garbage disposal and toss out your food. Your space will look a lot more put together, and you’ll easily be able to access your trash!

Spice Shelf

Do you cook with a lot of spices? You may want to designate a cabinet for them! Having a spice cabinet will make you feel more organized and be able to find your spices and herbs with ease. You can either attach a spice rack to the cabinets door or get mini shelves to store them right inside. If you have a narrow cabinet that you don’t know what to do with, spices might be the best option to keep in that one.

Tip-Out Tray

Typically, below the front of your sink is a couple of faux drawer panels. This is a great spot to create sponge or scrubber holders! These panels are easy to remove, and you can purchase a kit to make them into tip-out-trays. Make the most of any space in your cabinets!

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