The city of Framingham is part of Middlesex County, MA. With over 70,000 residents and 27,000 households, there is plenty of opportunity for home remodeling and design. 

Professional Custom Design in Framingham, MA

At the Kitchen Center of Framingham, we take pride in knowing that our design services are some of the best in Massachusetts. From kitchens to bathrooms, our design team will create a space that fits your needs and style. We consider your budget and design the space around it. Our team of professional designers and remodelers want to work alongside you to ensure that your new kitchen, bathroom, or living space comes out the way you dreamt it to be. With our showroom and suggestions from our team, you’ll choose from various options of cabinets, backsplash, flooring, and more.

Custom Cabinets Framingham, MA

At the Kitchen Center of Framingham, we offer custom cabinetry and products that will fit your space perfectly. Custom design is limitless! You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of woods, stains, and other materials to create one-of-a-kind cabinets for your new kitchen or bathroom. Add inserts that tailor to your specific needs and make your cabinets even more useful! We work with Signature Custom Cabinetry for your custom design cabinets. 

Kitchen Showrooms Framingham, MA

Before we stop by your home for measurements, we recommend coming to our showroom! Seeing your options in person can spark ideas and give you a visual of what you have in mind. From countertops to backsplash, our showroom brings many options to the table. If you are entirely unsure of what you want, our showroom at Kitchen Center of Framingham is just what you need to start your kitchen, bathroom, or home design journey. Pick and choose from different models and setups, or maybe you’ll find an entirely designed space you love!

Remodeling Companies Framingham, MA

Our goal at Kitchen Center of Framingham is to provide you with an amazing new space and customer service to match! Our team of home remodelers will build your new space and be respectful of your home while doing so. Our skilled team will make sure everything is in place and constructed perfectly, leaving your home looking its best! With years of experience in carpentry and installation, our workers put your design into real life. 

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Our team at Kitchen Center of Framingham can provide you with the highest-quality design services, construction team, and more. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get started with us! 

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