In addition to kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, we also partner with our in house contractor to provide you with updates all around your home. These updates range from minor upgrades to complete overhauls. Our services include flooring, drywall, painting, and more.

Home Flooring Services

We offer completely customized floor installation, as well as repair and refinishing services for your home. Whether you want to replace your current flooring with something completely new, or you just need to have your current floors refinished, we can help make your home shine and look like new again. We offer plenty of flooring options, including hardwood floors, laminate flooring, tiling and more. Whether you’re looking to update in just one room, or throughout your entire home, our team of expert contractors can help.

Wall Repair & Drywall

Over time, it’s normal for walls to become cracked, dented, or even punctured, especially if they aren’t protected with the right kind of paint for the space. While this is a completely common occurrence, it still doesn’t reflect well on your home to have damaged walls. We are proud to provide wall & drywall repair or replacement for all types of walls and homes. We know that these issues can deeply affect the appearance, and even safety of your home, and we are always happy to help make these updates.

Room Fixtures & Storage

Having flexible storage spaces all around your home is extremely useful and can make your space appear so much cleaner and sleeker. After all, cabinets and drawers aren’t just for kitchens and bathrooms. Our team can also install various fixtures in your home that will improve both the design and longevity of your space. 

Trim & Door Updates

Old trim and outdated door designs can make your home look much older than it really is. We will update the trim around your doors, windows and wherever else it’s needed. New trim design, especially with the right paint and primer is a great way to make your room look like new. Combined with a fresh coat of paint and any necessary wall repairs, we will have your rooms looking like new in no time.

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