Magnificent Kitchens is proud to serve the community of Ashland, MA in Middlesex County, with all of their kitchen design & remodeling needs. Ashland, located just south-east of Framingham where the Kitchen Center of Framingham is located. We love working in homes in Ashland because they are all so beautiful and offer historic charm. Whether the home is an older home where we are working on small updates or even a whole kitchen renovation we love to make every homeowner’s kitchen dreams come true.

Ashland was first home to the Megunko Native Americans, then in the 1830s construction started on the Boston & Worcester Railroad which helped develop the town with mills which created a bustling boot and shoe industry. Today, life in Ashland, MA is full of residential neighborhoods where its residents are working around close towns as well as in Boston, MA.

We are able to provide the homeowners of Ashland with new, up to date, and functional kitchens. From a quick update to complete rennovations, we can accommodate every step of the way.

Our Services in Ashland, MA

Wood-Mode CabinetsBrookhaven Cabinets | Custom Cabinets 

Wood-Mode Cabinets in Ashland, MA

Our wood-mode cabinets are made from the best woods and any imperfections are taken out then they are dried in their own kilns. The drawers of the wood-mode cabinets are heavy duty and very durable and offer adjustable shelves to be able to change what you are storing in them over time.

Brookhaven Cabinets in Ashland, MA

Our Brookhaven cabinets are one of the most durable because they are made with extra thick wood. They are also able to handle up to 100 pounds with no effort needed. These cabinets also are built to keep their coloring and are stain resistant.

Custom Cabinets in Ashland, MA

We understand that there are homes that need custom cabinets made for them for a variety of reasons which is why we are offering custom cabinets. We are able to work with your needs like an odd sized door, a unique idea, or anything you can come up with.

If you are interested in any of our cabinets you can come into our showroom to speak with one of our design experts and see for yourself! You can also contact us online or at 508-875-4004 with any questions.

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