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3 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Deciding to remodel your kitchen is exhilarating, but this project is certainly no small undertaking. The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in any household, so you want to be sure this job is planned to create a minimum level of daily interruption.

There are many different factors to consider throughout a kitchen remodel, as well as common mistakes you will want to avoid. If you are not careful and diligent during every step of this process, the remodel could end up taking a sharp turn from fun and exciting to tedious and frustrating.

Here are some common kitchen remodeling mistakes:

  • Rushing through the planning process. Your main goals should be to make sure that the kitchen remodel is finished on time and within your set budget, so extensive planning is essential. Rushing into a project of this size can eventually lead to unnecessary expenses and delays in production. According to Consumer Reports, the biggest mistake homeowners make when renovating the kitchen is changing their minds after the project has started. This, on average, leads to a cost increase of 10 percent.
  • Not consulting with a remodeling expert. Kitchen design and remodeling is likely not your area of expertise, so working with a professional is the way to go. Experts will help make sure you do not overlook crucial details with this kind of project, and can inform you of the latest materials, trends and techniques to use. Contractors and designers revamp kitchens for a living, so their input will lessen the chances of you ending up with a final result that does not work for your life; but stay involved and add your thoughts when necessary.
  • Neglecting functionality for appearance. Take a look at your existing kitchen to determine the pain points you are currently experiencing that you want addressed in the remodel. Are you frustrated with the lack of storage space? Does the current layout make it difficult to move around while cooking? Rather than focusing your attention on the kitchen’s aesthetic itself, prioritize the changes that will make your life in the kitchen easier. While a new appliance or upgraded hardware might look great, they need to make sense from a functional standpoint.

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