At Kitchen Center of Framingham, we know our custom cabinetry. Each year on average, our custom installers handle at least 12 and sometimes more than 20 custom kitchens plus numerous baths, while the typical finish carpenter installs only a couple per year.

We perform each and every installation with pride, quality, and the tools and equipment specific to installing custom cabinetry. As a result, our installations are backed by a limited 5-year warranty.

To produce great finished trim, our custom installers miter carefully and precisely each piece of wood. Because our custom installers are contracted by Kitchen Center of Framingham, they’re all part of one proud, professional team.

See for yourself the huge difference between the quality craftsmanship produced by Kitchen Center of Framingham and the shoddy work of others that we needed to repair.

A cabinet panel installed by another contractor, without a miter cut.
The same cabinet panel with a “fix” by that same contractor –– except the repair is neither satisfactory nor attractive.
The same cabinet panel, as repaired properly and professionally by Kitchen Center of Framingham.
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