A small bathroom with large mirror & natural light

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are living in New England or any city – space can be limited. If you are one of the people who need more space in your bathroom and don’t know where to get it, in this blog, we’ll go over some small bathroom design ideas to make it feel like your bathroom has more space than it actually does.

How to make a Small Bathroom Look & Feel Bigger

Think About your Bathroom Sink Style

If you are looking to add in some extra space, it’s important to think about what takes up a lot of space. A pedestal bathroom sink is perfect for a wide mouth bowl and then you can mount faucets on the wall. With this type of sink, you can add in a narrow countertop for toiletries.

Add a Large Mirror

When you add in a large mirror you are giving the look that the room is bigger than it is. Your small bathroom will not only look bigger, but it will also feel bigger. Adding a large mirror or even full wall mirror above the vanity will give you the feel of the space without adding in extra space.

Utilize Natural Light

If you have a window in your bathroom, make sure that you can see the light that it’s bringing in. If your small bathroom currently has a heavy shower curtain, switch the curtain out for glass doors which will allow light to flood in and not feel like your cramped between the shower and the sink.

Get Creative with Storage

Most small bathrooms have wasted space that can be utilized for storage. If you have space in between wall studs and the vanity or shower then you can add shelving which can be used for storage. You can either add shelving here or even small cabinets depending on what you need to store.

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