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Top Kitchen Trends That Are Here To Stay

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s best to think about today’s trends and if they will go “outdated” in a year or two. Something to take into consideration is not only your designer’s opinion, or yours. But to think of the trends that lasted a few years, that were all the rage, and now people are stuck with kitchens they don’t love – and might have never really loved. It’s important to really think about your kitchen and your preferences before you finish planning your kitchen remodel.

Top Kitchen Trends

  • White on white kitchens. Meaning white cabinets, or countertops with white appliances. For one, white appliances have been “in” for decades, and white is much easier to clean than stainless steel appliances. You can also touch the appliances and not leave fingerprints on them.
  • ¬†Strings of LED lighting. This is popular along the bottom of cabinets to line the floor, underneath top cabinets to offer lighting. For useful purposes, this is if you want dim lighting or want to turn these on as a nightlight. They offer light but don’t need to outshine the room. These are also popular because you can get creative where exactly you’d like these in your kitchen.
  • Smaller fridges instead of one huge one. People are using a “normal” size fridge and then adding a smaller fridge for drinks, beer, wine, etc. This way, the fridge is not the focal point of the kitchen, but you still get the fridge space you desire.
  • Touch-activated faucets. These are getting installed in kitchens because it’s genius. When you have messy hands, normally you’d have to touch the faucet to wash them and then have to wash the faucet. Now you elimate the cleanup and are able to wash without making a mess.
  • Mix and matching everything. This is great because later down the road, if you need to replace one thing. It won’t totally throw off your whole kitchen’s vibe, it’ll continue to look like you planned it.
  • A big pantry. Especially if you are growing your family, kids will make messes and look for snacks, this is perfect to keep everything all in one place and to be able to still keep your kitchen look neat and tidy.

Some kitchen trends come and go, which is why you have to make sure you aren’t falling into the trap of the newest fad that won’t last. When considering a kitchen remodel, you have to make sure that every aspect is something you will still enjoy years to come.

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